Will FG Persecute The Treasury Looters Released Few Weeks Ago?

QuestionCategory: PoliticsWill FG Persecute The Treasury Looters Released Few Weeks Ago?
asked 11 months ago

When will the Federal Government of Nigeria Lead by President Muhammad Buhari persecute the looters his government released to Nigerians few weeks ago?The Federal Government of Nigeria through the information Minister Lai Mohamad published a long list of the nation\’s treasury looters and since then no arrest has been made on those that were fingered on.

Nigerians has been asking questions when the Corrupted looters will tried and jailed by the court. When you look around, you will see those who looted the nation’s wealth dry roaming the street with police escorts and the common citizen becomes the victims of their actions.

If President Buhari is really sincere about fighting corruption in Nigeria, let him use the published names to show example, if anyone found guilty, they should face the hot music that the Court will play for them.Also the Federal government should also be truthful not only going for the oppositions alone, there many corrupted people in the ruling and they should not be left out of arrest and probe.

Nigerians wants to know what will happen to those mentioned in the looting of the nation.