My Neighbour Tells People That Am His Driver After Buying His Used Car

QuestionCategory: GeneralMy Neighbour Tells People That Am His Driver After Buying His Used Car
asked 11 months ago

Hello Nigerians and NL Members, I want your Candid advice regarding a used car that i bought.

My neighbour was doing well before he got married few years ago and he started having one problems to another.

He had a car that he approached me to buy because we live in the same flat and i obliged and bought the car out of pity because i cant trust my money as i don’t know if he will be able to pay me back to avoid misunderstand with a good neighbour .

After i bought the car, I started dropping my kids and his own kids off to school before heading to work with my own car or the one i bought from him ( 2 cars) . Since i have two cars now he usually borrow the car he sold to me to go anywhere he wants to go and i don’t compalin because i understood his predicaments and i dont care how he uses the car because the car was once his car too.

To fast farward it, He is too egoism and over pride to the extent that he can use his mouth to cut down an Iroko tree.

He went about telling people that I AM HIS DRIVER and That he is the one feeding me and my wife because people sees me with his former car that i bought from him, even the teachers from his children’s school now refers me as a Driver because he told them that am that am his Driver.

He calls them that his driver will come and pick the children late sometimes if i did not catch up picking my kids and his from school.

What should i do to arrest this image tarnishing? I am really not happy as people now Refers me as his Driver. Despite my far appearance from and ordinary paid drivers. (Madam or Oga Drivers).

I boiling as am typing and my hot temper can crash the Earth now….