Davido In Fresh Trouble Over Choma's Birthday

QuestionCategory: RomanceDavido In Fresh Trouble Over Choma's Birthday
Dino DinoDino asked 11 months ago

The Nigerian music star Davido may have landed himself in trouble over the recent birthday bash he hosted for her girlfriend Chioma.

Many girls far and near who got the viral birthday party news have since then been  strategizing methods to pin Davido down to a serious relationship.

Davido bought Chioma a brand new Porche Cayana which is still marveling some girls and some has vow to clinch on Davido by all means no matter what it will cost them , describing Davido as a Romantic Romeo.

They further wrote to Question Nigeria to ask what they should do to get involve in Davido's cake sharing…

Do you think that Davido is in trouble over Chioma's birthday?